Curriculum & Programs

Wulin Institute offers classes in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Chen and Yang styles of taijiquan (Tai Chi), and martial-oriented fitness and conditioning. Northern Shaolin Kung Fu classes feature a curriculum designed around delivering a cardiovascular workout, proper body conditioning, stretching, and breath control, while instilling and cultivating key martial virtues such as patience, endurance, perseverance, humility, and discipline.  The dedicated student benefits from improved body awareness, focus, flexibility, strength, stamina, and a reduction in stress. Other benefits include self-defense, self-control, and the confidence necessary to excel both within the martial arts community and in life.

More information on our Kung Fu program, including the Family program, can be found here.

Our Tai Chi classes feature stretching, meditation, breath control, and body structure & alignment exercises suitable for all ages and body types. Students benefit from improved flexibility, body awareness, balance, stamina, relaxation, greater range of motion, lower blood pressure, migraine relief, and stress reduction.  As students progress through the curriculum, they gain insight into the intricacy of Tai Chi principle as it relates to movement & posture, both within the context of martial application and individual wellness.

Our fully-fledged Tai Chi program features both Chen and Yang styles of Tai Chi.  Collectively, our instructors have over half a century of experience teaching internal martial arts. Coaching and instruction is available in alternate practices, including Qigong and other internal martial arts. Offering two different styles and several classes a week, Wulin Institute is one of the only schools in the Baltimore area to offer at least one Tai Chi class every day.

More information on our Tai Chi program can be found here.

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