About Wulin Institute

Wulin Institute offers dynamic classes in Northern Shaolin kung fu, Chen style Tai Chi and Yang style Tai Chi. All of our classes are geared toward increasing mobility, flexibility, strength, coordination, and cardiovascular fitness, oriented toward developing our students’ understanding of the martial arts.

Our knowledgeable staff are each willing to answer questions about their craft and to help you along your path, whether your goal is martial excellence, physical fitness, self defense, or simply peace of mind.

Check out our programs, staff bios, and facility pages for more details.


I love the care and attention put into passing on the instructor’s wealth of knowledge that is challenging and fun. I have a great time doing this with my daughter.

Chris Pritchett
student since 2017

Being at Wulin has allowed me to take my training to the next level. All of our instructors are talented, patient, and excellent teachers. I’m excited to continue my training in such an open, easy-going environment.

Molly Woodruff
student since 2016,
now an assistant instructor

I have been at Wulin since the start of the school. The teaching is excellent and the instructors are both confident in the material they teach and good at communicating principles.

Jon Laking
student since 2016

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