Upcoming Events

In light of the Coronavirus restrictions easing in Maryland and Anne Arundel County, Wulin Institute has resumed operations and is open for classes according to the class schedule listed here.

Kung Fu forms, weapons, stretches, drills and conditioning, in addition to Tai Chi forms, weapons, stretches, drills and conditioning are all now available again as they once were. We will encourage the use of our outdoor space whenever possible, and our staff continues to wipe down the facility to keep any risk of contamination at a minimum. We do our best to ensure that all of the guidelines regarding public activity during the crisis are being followed.

Unfortunately, extensive partner activities, such as pushing hands, wrestling, sparring, and free-form fighting drills are still suspended until further notice in light of state warnings surrounding Coronavirus transmission. We look forward to when these restrictions lift so you, our students, can completely resume a normal training regimen. Until then, please be patient.

We look forward to seeing you all again in class!