Upcoming Events

Wulin Institute is dedicated to balancing the safety of our community with the needs of our students. However, due to the current coronavirus outbreak, we are suspending classes and personal instruction until further notice.

This does not mean we have suspended all operations, however. We are preparing training videos and live streams to assist you in continuing your training through this difficult time. And to encourage good health in all, we are offering these sessions to the public free of charge, although donations will be accepted. Check our FaceBook page for access to the live streams.

Due to the precautionary restrictions both recommended by the CDC and presently enforced by the State of Maryland, we are unable to offer on-site instruction in either class or private formats. However, you may email us at wulininstitute@gmail.com for information setting up remotely-conducted personal instruction.

We are continuing to monitor the situation as this soft lockdown unfolds. Just because our doors are closed doesn’t mean you can’t train! Train hard at home! Stay safe! We look forward to working with you again soon!

-Wulin Institute