Upcoming Events

To ensure the safety of our students and their families, we will be taking extra precautions at Wulin. Besides the extra sanitizing and mask wearing, we have been changing the filters and running fans to ensure safe ventilation.

Please note these slight schedule changes:
-Saturday Taiji ends ten minutes early at 9:50; Kung Fu begins ten minutes later at 10:10 in order to avoid overlap.
-Monday night classes may entail rotating students outside for short periods in order to abide by mandated occupancy levels.

Safety is a must!

Unfortunately, extensive partner activities, such as pushing hands, wrestling, sparring, and free-form fighting drills are still suspended until further notice in light of state warnings surrounding Coronavirus transmission. We look forward to when these restrictions lift so you, our students, can completely resume a normal training regimen. Until then, please be patient.

We look forward to seeing you all again in class!


Wulin Institute is CLOSED during both the Christmas and New Years weeks. Classes resume on Monday, January 4th, 2021.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN OPEN TRAINING, we are offering open training slots by half-hour increments on Tuesday, Dec 22nd and Tuesday, Dec 29th by appointment. If you wish to train for more than a half hour, you are free to sign up for two consecutive slots. We are limited to six students per slot, however.

Please use the sign up forms below in order to mark time that you will be at the school:


December 22nd: sign up here

December 29th: sign up here