Chinese New Year 2020: Year of the Rat.  Check our Upcoming Events for details.

The term ‘gongfu’ refers to skill attained through hard work. Any form of craft or artistry pursued to its fullest potential falls under this broad definition. Someone whose gongfu is good, therefore, is someone who is ever maximizing his potential, seeking greater skill in his or her field, and refining his or her mind, body, and expertise, bending his or her will toward the singular goal of self-betterment. The staff of Wulin Institute strive to equip you with the tools to make you the best martial artist you can become; we strive to make your gongfu good gongfu.

Wulin Institute exists to change lives through movement. Through the use of Chinese martial arts, we provide the environment and the instruction necessary to foster integrity, authenticity, and critical thinking in all students committed to bettering themselves.  Chinese martial arts provide the framework through which self-discipline and self-reflection are encouraged, and it is reinforced through the various styles of teaching provided by our staff.

Our staff has over a century of combined experience in Chinese martial arts, with more than half of that time including hands-on instructional experience as instructors, coaches, and assistants.

Wulin is located at:
7164 E Furnace Branch Rd,
Glen Burnie, MD 21060