Northern Shaolin Kung Fu

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu is generally used as an umbrella term for a wide variety of traditional Chinese martial arts. Our program is based on the curricula and forms taught through the Central Kuoshu Institute of Nanjing throughout the first half of the twentieth century. Some of these forms trace their origins back a hundred years or more; some were developed for military training at the turn of the last century. Whatever their origins, the importance of these forms, drills, and techniques rests solely in their instruction, training, and applicative purposes.

Wulin Institute uses a ranked hierarchy and testing procedures to aid in our Kung Fu program’s instruction. Our ranking hierarchy includes eight sashes, and class instruction is split across two levels. Students are tested according to knowledge and competency of the following:

-Individual practice, including the repetition of conditioning work, line drills, and forms. These exercises include training proficiency in long and short weapons and in empty hand technique through repetition of exercises that stress proper movement through correct postures.

-Multiple-person or partner practice, including coordinated drills with target pads for striking with hand technique and kicks. Joint locks, throws, and grappling are also trained under similar, supervised conditions. In addition to coordinated technique training, continuous light-contact sparring becomes an integral of the curriculum by intermediate level; protective gear (headgear, foot/shin guards, groin protector, gloves, and mouthpiece) is required, and sparring is only conducted during class time or a testing procedure. Protective gear can be ordered through our office.

Our Kung Fu classes are currently taught by Shifu Sean Martial, Mac Colestock, Samuel Hokanson, and Mark Johnson.