Wulin Black Sashes & Coaches

Returning Coaches

Peter Giguere

Pete completed his testing to black sash in 2005 under the instruction of Shifu Martial.  Currently, he uses martial arts for their fitness and relaxation qualities; he continues to train the external curriculum, in addition to focusing on Tai Chi.

Jose Vega

In 2004, Jose began training kung fu under Shifu Sean Martial.  After several years of hard training, he turned to specializing in the optional southern style forms of the curriculum Shifu Martial augmented, including an empty hand set, southern staff (nangun), and southern saber (nandao).  He completed his black sash testing in 2008, and in the following years dedicated much of his training to Tai Chi, in addition to training internal martial arts under Shifu Paul Ramos and Shifu Lan Tran.  His interest in martial arts was augmented by his interest and study in manual therapy.  Currently, he runs Vega Therapy Services and periodically takes students for private instruction.

 Erik Johnson


Erik began training under Shifu Sean Martial in 2007.  He had been an assistant instructor for several years as an advanced sash.  In 2013, he received his black sash from Shifu Martial, testing with proficiencies in spear and double daggers.  After completion of his testing process, Erik turned to straight sword and the first Changquan compulsory set of the Wushu curriculum.  He is a regional gold medalist for his empty hand, spear, and short weapon forms, and is consistently a Grand Champion finalist at regional tournaments.  In 2015, he won the Youth’s External Grand Champion prize at the Wong People Tournament in Washington, DC.

Molly Woodruff – August 26, 2017 


Molly began training under Shifu Martial in 2001 at the home school phys-ed classes he led.  Her formal training in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu began some years later, in 2009, under his tutelage.  Molly helped support the schools she attended by participating actively in demo team performances, lion dance, and tournaments.  She has been a regional gold medalist for her empty hand and short weapon forms, excelling in fan.  Along with Liza, Molly has played a leading role in developing and executing Wulin’s R.O.A.R. Women’s Self Defense program.  She completed the Black Sash testing process at Wulin Institute on August 26th, 2017.  She was the first student to have completed the Black Sash testing process at Wulin Institute.

Liza McFarland – October 21, 2017


Liza began training under Shifu Martial in 2011, beginning with Tai Chi before transitioning into Northern Shaolin kung fu.  She has played a very active role in school demonstrations and tournaments, including her efforts in lion dance choreography and performance.  She has supported regional tournaments for several years, placing highly in her weapons and empty hand forms; her accolades include having been a regional gold medalist for straight sword.  Along with Molly, Liza has played a leading role in developing and executing Wulin’s R.O.A.R. Women’s Self Defense program.  She completed the Black Sash testing process on October 21st, 2017 at Wulin Institute.

Retired Staff

Matt Jungnitsch


Matthew has been studying Chinese Martial Arts (CMA) since 2008. He began his training at under the instruction of Sean Martial, where he learned the Northern Shaolin based empty hand curriculum, a number of traditional weapon forms, drills, and light contact sparring. He also took auxiliary Wushu classes at Jing Ying to gain proficiency in Changquan, monkey staff, miao dao, and various Wushu drills. Additionally, Matthew did basics training in Taiji from 2008-2010. He received his black sash in July 2012. He continues to hone his skills under Sean Martial’s tutelage.

In 2010, Matthew also began training in the Brazilian martial art known as Capoeira in an effort to diversify his training. He continues to train with his instructor, Bayu ‘Catatau’ Wikaksono.

In 2018, Matt Jungsnitch’s career propelled him rather quickly into a new frontier, which included moving his operations to California.  Liza accompanied him on this next stage of his life, and Wulin looks forward to hearing great things about their future endeavors.  Both he and Liza stay in touch!

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